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Importing old FileMaker Pro 5.5 files to v15?

Question asked by isaacunzicker on Mar 15, 2017
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I was introduced to FileMaker Pro yesterday when trying to help my boss out with lean process solutions, and I have taken on the task of importing old version 5.5 templates and their associated data into the latest version 15.  It appears that version 15 (trial version) will not directly import version 5.5 files.  (We wanted to see if this is doable prior to purchasing license.)  In older versions, not so distant in version number, when you go to open and older  file, it would just ask if you want to convert the older file to the newer version format.  Just open in the newer version, re-save it, and voila.  Piece of cake.  I wasn't sure if the trial version15 happens to be limited in its import function or if it will be the same in the licensed version?

The FileMaker Pro 5.5 app that my boss is using is on an old, old Mac (an eMac to be specific), running OS X 10.4.11, and I need to move his templates over to his Windows 10 pc, with FileMaker Pro 15.   Is there a better way than exporting the data as *.tab or *.csv text?  It seems I would have to rebuild the layouts.  Right?

My initial thought was to see about downloading v7 to see if it can import v5 files, then save them in v7 format.  It appears that v15 can open v7 (.fp7) files.  Is this a viable approach or is it more complicated than this?