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Adventure 2 EVS: Checkboxes with Scrollbars ... using a Virtual List?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Mar 15, 2017
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I am trying to grasp a couple concepts at the same time ... the Checkboxes with Scrollbars setup and (maybe) Virtual Lists.


Goal: Users can currently add meetings with Contacts. I would like to add a portal on a Users table layout that lists all the Contacts the User has thus-far added a meeting with, and allow them to check off any number of those Contacts to then run a script only for those specific contacts.


Ex. A Batch Update ... Users have a list of Contacts they've met through meetings, they send a batch update (via email or the like) to some of those Contacts. ( I would then, through a script, create a new entry in an "Updates table" that creates a record for each checked Contact, associates the User_ID, and fills in a couple of fields.)


My thought is that using the checkbox portal, I could allow users to check the Contacts they are updating (maybe it is all, or just part of their list), the user fills in a few global fields, and clicks "Save" and then I have a script that creates all those records based on the checkbox field = "1" (or the like).


My understanding is that the portal utilized references a table that has a record for each item presented to be checked, with a field for the checkbox on/off. Could I just do a filtered portal of ALL Contacts and filter by User_ID AND not IsEmpty(Connection_ID)? [Connection_ID is the serial field when a meeting is created with a Contact]. Then could I just add a global field to the Contact records for the checkbox? THIS SAID, the Connections table has a User_ID, but the Contacts is a shared table among all the Users so those records do not have any User_ID associated. So maybe just "not IsEmpty(Connection_ID)"?



User Table <--thru User_ID--> Connections Table <--Contact_ID--> Contacts TO copy


Meetings are created through a popover in Contacts Table that fills in globals and then creates a new record in Connections Table with a button.