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    PDF with junk character


      Product and version: FileMaker Pro

      OS and version: Windows 8.1 Pro

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only): NA



      Description: There is a functionality which generates PDF file from a layout and sends it to client via mail. For some records, the PDF is generated with junk characters. This issue does not occur in FileMaker 14 version. The application was created in old FM version (8.5- classic theme) and then now shifted to FileMaker 15.


      How to replicate:  Please find attached file testpdf.fmp12, the default layout has a button clicking which a mail with PDF attachment is sent using email client. Make sure to change the script with your email address.


      Workaround (if any)

      1. Use FileMaker 14
      2. Change the theme from classic to say minimalist
      3. Change the font from Calibri to Arial


      Option 2 & 3 is not feasible in our application since we have many print layouts with many fields and some of them have different font styles.


      I checked FM forum and found similar issue has been reported earlier. Whether this has been taken as bug by FileMaker?

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          Thank you for your post and screen shot.


          Keep in mind that the Classic Theme was deprecated in FileMaker Pro 14 and removed in FileMaker Pro 15.  Therefore, you should move any layouts that use the Classic theme to another built-in theme.


          Your file is damaged.  When I try to use the Calibri font on any layout, it gets truncated when saving to PDF.  When I create a new file and use the same fields, font, and layout options, everything performs as expected.  I have enclosed the sample file.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Dear TSGal,


            Thank you for your valued inputs.


            Not sure how the file got damaged. I checked the file you sent and the junk character issue is not happening there.

            But I observed that, you have used Enlightened theme. As I already mentioned, this issue appears to be occurring for 'Classic' theme.


            From your inputs its looks like we will have to change all the layouts from Classic theme to some other theme.


            Thanks again.