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XSL style - proffesional help needed

Question asked by quarku on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by quarku

Dear friends,


I would like to ask you for a professional XSL help. I have almost no knowledge in the topic so I knew form the beginning that I would fail - even so I have tried to create my own XSL stylesheet...


What i need is to get "Proper_result.xml" file from filemaker data organised as you can see in Excel file named "Sample_data.xlsx".


Unfortunately the nearest file I can get so far, is the file created without stylesheet base on FMPDSORESULT grammar which you can check under the name "My_result.xml".


I'm getting this error with my stylesheet - "Initial_error.jpg"


But even without it the result will for sure not be as expected - believe me  !


My stylesheet - "XSL_stylesheet.xsl"


I would really appreciate your help or even more - corrected XSL file.


I wish you all very great weekend.