Getting A Calculation to Latch

Discussion created by briancrockett on Mar 17, 2017
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I want to set a flag if one of the records in a related table gets over a maximum and have it stay set once it reaches that maximum even if if later goes down.




Current record = 5 if one of the records in the related table becomes greater than 5 I want a flag to set in the current record and stay set no matter what.


I tried to reference the value of the flag in my calc. [ If( flag = 1;1;0) ] but this is self referential and creates an error.


I tried using an auto enter field with "Do Not Replace" but the calc won't trigger because the value that's changing is from a relationship.


I suppose I could use a trigger but it's a big system and I'm not sure of all the ways that the values in the related table can be changed. I'd prefer to do it as a calc.


Does anyone have any suggestions?