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File Authentication regularly asks for re-authorization

Discussion created by Jonathan Jeffery on Mar 18, 2017
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Product and version 14.0.4

OS and version Windows 2012


Two files hosted on the server (a data file and an interface file). For security, I enabled file authorization in the data file, restricting external connection to the interface file.


However, at irregular intervals (at least several times a day), when opening the interface file, we get a dialogue box stating that the interface file isn't authorised to access the data file, and would we like to authorise it?


This seems similar to, but not the same as, these problems:

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Re: Authorizing access to reference a file doesn't take


The references between the files are all local, as they are hosted side by side in the same server. Nothing is being changed in the server configuration between requests.


How to replicate

Host two files and try to authorise them


Workaround None