Opening Multiple Files without entering password three times

Discussion created by dataWolf on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by philmodjunk

I read the chunky reasons NOT to auto-login. Here is my scenario.

I have file #1. I also have two other files. The reason they are separate is because they are different conceptual "objects", I thought it nicely compartementalized the data, and 100 layouts and scripts for mostly unrelated data would be overwhelming.

Some users only need to view table 1, though their layouts do use fields from 2 and 3. This means for it to work I have to create accounts for them in three different files, which I consider neanderthal and clumsy. Users come and go so this would not be a one time account creation.


Anyone got suggestions on how to let people log in to one file and get access to other without creating multiple accounts for many people where they have to enter their password three times. Can I trap their password and transfer it? I mean I guess I could if I had them enter it into a text but I don't want to know their password. I want to transfer their password/account without me knowing it. Otherwise I was starting to build an autologin with minimal access that then prompts them to login to only one file, but now I'm afraid I'll get yelled at