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    PSOS questions


      Please consider that a I am new to this function when responding.


      I have a script that saves an excel file on my desktop.  I now need this script to run on server, though it doesnt need to save to my desktop...just any place i can access it.  My first question is, how do I do this?  I assume it is a filepath issue, but I dont really understand the file paththing very well.


      The second question is can i set the PSOS script to run at a specific time of day? 


      Im not sure what information is necessary to answer this, so here some basics.  Im using version 15 client on both mac and PC. Im using a shared remote host on server 14. 

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          A couple of questions there:


          1) scheduling: if you have a task that needs to run at certain intervals on the server, don't use PSoS from a client but use a server-side script schedule.  You set those up in the FMS admin console


          2) export on server: is very limited and never to a place that is immediately accessible to you.  For security reasons FMS can only export to its own Documents folder (in the FMS folder structure) and the temp folder.  If you need to have the file on a network share somewhere the safest way to do this is to use a server-side script sequence schedule (basically running a FM script followed by an OS script that moves the file to where you need it to be).

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            Thanks. That is helpful. Just a follow-up on the export issue...     Can a script run on server send an email with attachments via smtp?   









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              A single attachment is possible