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    Server script


      Major newbie question:


      I'm looking to run a script each morning.  I'm told the best way is to schedule the script to run on the server?

      I'm assuming this is as simple as writing a script that runs "perform script", save it to the scripts folder on the server and schedule it?

      Question, if I write the script in FM Pro, how do I export it and save it the server?

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          There is no "scripts" folder on the server.

          You write the script in a filemaker file and create a server scheduled script with FileMaker server.

          Running server-side scripts in FileMaker Server | FileMaker

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            You don't export it to the server. You go to the Admin console and add a "schedule" that performs the script in your file.


            Before you do that, you'll need to check the steps of your script for server compatibility by selecting that compatibility option in the scripts workspace and be especially aware of any steps that import or export as those are either incompatible (export field contents) or have very strict limitations one where the data can be exported/imported and what file format may be used.

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              Yes, there's a scripts folder on the server, but it's for System scripts, not FileMaker scripts, such as a VBScript set up to do something on the server that can't be done with a FileMaker script.


              FileMaker Scripts are left right in the FileMaker file where they are created and performed from there by a schedule.