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Web Direct - blurry images in browser

Question asked by justinc on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by skywillmott

I ran into an issue recently with a Web Direct page being viewed in a browser.  It's a layout that has some small thumbnails on each body element, in a list view.  The images are 58(w) x 87(h).


This layout, when viewed in FileMaker, displays nice crisp thumbnails.  But when the same layout is viewed in a browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) those same thumbnails are a bit blurry.  (All browsers showed the same blurriness.)


These thumbnails are themselves generated from images that are much larger - we scale them down after a user adds the image to keep the size of the DB smaller.  (These images are only ever displayed in a small thumbnail size.)


This is served up using FMS 15.01; viewed with FMPA 15.03, and the 3 browsers mentioned.