Using XML to Design Layouts (Table View)

Discussion created by rbickings on Mar 17, 2017
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I have a client that insists on using table views for looking at records.  I developed a module that allows the client to produce, save, and edit their own found sets using a series of predefined query commands.  These found sets (which they call "Groups"), run their finds, and display their data in a table view.  Unlike "Saved finds" which are unique to the user, these finds are available to all, and are displayed in a portal and activated by clicking the name of the Group. 


The client would like to be able to save this table view for each of the "Groups" so that the columns are unique and repeatable for that Group.  Up to this point, I have made a series of 12 different table view displays that are called according the naming convention of the Group name.  This way they can save the columns in a display related to that Group.  It's a work around but I would rather have each group display produce a XML file on exit that is saved with the Group record.  Then when that group is called, that XML file is called to load the Table view information so I only need one layout that changes with the layout XML data.  Is this possible?  I have looked far and wide but haven't seen anything similar.  I hope I explained it well enough to spark the wisdom of someone in the FileMaker community.


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