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    Note Pencil


        What could I use to create a database to take notes like in a meeting with the apple pencil instead of writing?


      When I use the signature option it has the line, What could I use to make my own format for free hand writing

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          Do you want to save your notes as an image or as text?

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            Toby, my wife had cancer so we had to keep track of a lot of notes from doctors meeting.  I built a FMGO app to manage all of this and to write notes with an Apple Pencil.  I took notes two different ways.  I used a keyboard app called MyScriptStylus.  This app replaces the keyboard with a writing area that converts your writing into text in a field.  This worked very nicely.  The other thing I did was use an app like Noted Plus to write notes on a split screen.  Note Plus can also convert the notes into text which can then be pasted into filemaker.  I would also store the Note Plus PDF in FileMaker.  Both of these worked well and had much more capabilities than trying to write notes in a signature box.