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Cannot get button to refer to contents of portal row

Question asked by sdurante on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by sdurante

I made a portal in a layout with TO1.  As a result of what I enter into other fields on my layout the portal looks into four fields from T02 that have the same field-names as those in TO1, including the key-field. (The portal displays what I want using filters so that is great. I figured that one out with lots of pointers from this discussion group.)
I put a picture in the portal row that has attached to it a script that simply reads Go to Layout ["Members" (Members)], where I assume "Members" is the layout name and (Members) is the TO2 because that is where I want to see the result--and that works .


The problem is I expected the record to be displayed to be the record in the row where the script was run but it is not; it always displays the first record in the layout no matter what portal row it runs from.

How can I get it to display what I want, the record referred to in a specific portal row?