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    FileMaker Go Woes Update


      There have been some recent discussions about problems with FileMaker Go.

      Avoiding Corrupted Files in FM GO

      Filemaker Go Crash, pretty much all the time


      I have another issue to share with the forum that might be important for other developers to know about.  I have a scripted update procedure for updating files on an iPad.  The procedure worked well until today.  The procedure is triggered in a start up script when the opening file has a particular name (file name begins with the word update).  Today the start up script did not run properly.  I also disable all of the searches on all layouts but the Find magnifying was enabled.  Here is where it gets scary, I'm fairly certain the file was opening with a full access password instead of the auto login password and account.  Custom menus and the update script do not run with full access in my start up script.  I re downloaded the file again and the problem persisted.  My next step was to restart the iPad and then everything ran fine.  I use FileMaker Go 15.  This problem is hard to reproduce since a restart clears up the problem.


      Here is a list of suggestions for avoiding potential problems using FileMaker Go

      1.  If you are using iOS 10 do not use FileMaker Go 13 or 14. They will crash your files unless you are very lucky.

      2.  Restart your iPad/iPhone frequently. (at least once a week)

      3.  If FileMaker Go behaves strangely, restart the iPad/iPhone.  A majority of the problems I see are solved with a restart.  Also close all files before doing a restart.

      4. Close all files when you are finished.  Attached an Exit Application step to a button.  This will close all open files.

      5. NEVER EVER close the iPad cover or put the iPad/iPhone to sleep if you are connected to a hosted file.  You will eventually regret doing this.

      6. If you kill the FileMaker Go app with a two finger swipe up, make sure the files are closed before doing this.  If not you are doing a force quit on open files which potential can corrupt your files.

      7.  Whenever doing a crucial procedure like an update, consider doing a restart of the iPad/iPhone before doing the update.


      Please feel free to add to this list.

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          I haven't experienced any of these issues. Maybe it is isolated to your device? have you tried replicating the issues on another device?

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            If you read the links provided, you'll find that this is not limited to a single device. I created one of those discussions as the result of what I deal with on a daily basis in support of 300+ Ipad users.

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              Markus Schneider

              we've been running into all of those )-:

              - iOS 9(.3) was much better concerning FMGo


              Thanks to the icon (is it just me? I never can tell if somebody is running Go14 or Go15, I allways miss the 'purple up or purple down' difference), I did upgrade from iOS9 to 10 just two weeks ago - one customer reported crashes after upgrading to 10. It was because they been running Go14. Anyway - I was running into the issues of rgordons list


              Be also carefull when using the 3-finger gesture to switch apps - if iOS hangs a bit and You do another 3-finger swipe (because You think that iOS didn't recognize the gesture), chances are good that You are wiping off FMGo...


              The problem seems to be a combination of Go with iOS, the way 'quit' is handled, etc. But: It may bring FMGo to a state that is no longer usuable for the industrie )-:


              - quit Your app after finishing the work ( no other app needs that)

              - only a few other apps need restarting the device

              - no other app is that sensitive when swiping off. You may even lose data

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                You are a very lucky person.  All of these issues occur across multiple devices and by multiple users on this forum.  I think one of the issues I have is I frequently open and close files throughout the day for testing purposes.  I believe this frequent opening/closing creates problems with the FMGO temp folder which then causes FileMaker Go to become unstable. The restarting of the iPad appears to put the iPad back to a stable state.  If you close files correctly and regularly restart your iPad you might not see these issues.  The problem is users rarely do this!

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                  Thanks for the info rgordon. I have an iPad and iPhone and have never experienced the issue. Never had a client complain either. All the best.

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                    Thanks to the icon (is it just me? I never can tell if somebody is running Go14 or Go15, I allways miss the 'purple up or purple down' difference <...>


                    Thanks to you Markus, I never noticed the difference between the two !!! I just wonder what they will find to differentiate (or not) next version .

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                      The subtle color differences have been a major headache as we transitioned from 14 to 15 for us as well. The lack of any simple way for our end users to copy a file from 14 to 15 was also a headache. (I found it pretty easy, but the number of steps involved made it anything but simple for the end user.)


                      I also have never had a file come up as "damaged" myself, but a small percentage of the users that I support do have this happen. I have two differences that may be key between them and myself:


                      a) I'm not synching data to a server. My apps tend to be personal use stand alone apps.

                      b) I've made it a practice to add a very easy to use "close" button that uses exit application on all my own apps. This is not the case for the solution that a contract developer supplied to my company and which as been coming up with "damaged" files more and more.

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                        Markus Schneider

                        I did not have a damaged file (knock on wood) until now - but quite a few files with orphaned blocks after copy them via mail, via iTunes, via container (server).  AFAIK, orphaned blocks might be the result of not properly closed files...

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                          Markus Schneider wrote:


                          … But: It may bring FMGo to a state that is no longer usuable for the industrie )-:



                          I think it is rapidly approaching that state now!  I sincerely hope that the solutions to these problems are not tied to the "next version". 


                          The expectation that users will not press the home key and always exit the application before powering off their iPad is unrealistic.

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                            FWIW, I have arranged with a TS person to examine two copies of the same file--one "damaged" and one undamaged--with data imported from the "damaged" file into an undamaged clone to use as a basis for comparison. Perhaps this will provide some useful info that will help them track some of these issues down...

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                              rgordon (et al):


                              Thank you for your posts.


                              "philmodjunk" did send in a damaged and undamaged file that has been sent to Development and Testing for review (Thank you!).


                              If you have a file that has become damaged, please let me know!  I would want to see a copy of the damaged file as well as an undamaged file.



                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                Testing is not 100% certain, but they believe your issue may have been addressed in FileMaker Go 15.0.4, as your damaged file is consistent with an issue that was fixed.


                                Looking closer at the issue that was fixed, the notes are very cryptic.  However, it appears, under very specific circumstances, a file may not be fully cleaned up before closing that could result in a damaged file.


                                Being cautiously optimistic, please update to FileMaker Go 15.0.4 and let me know if the issue persists.



                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Thanks, I will pass the word to both IT staff and user base.

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