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FileMaker Go Keyboard issue

Question asked by dtcgnet on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by rgordon

I frequently use relationship filtering to display related records in a portal. I use variations on the "when a keystroke hits, set a timer and show results when a delay occurs" method.


On FileMaker Go, I have keyboard problems. My script basically does this:

1) If the delay is long enough, commit records and then re-enter the field, ready for additional keystrokes.


Here's the problem. It's FileMaker Go users will be using iPads, and finding addresses. They might want to type 123 Main Street, for instance. The user will click into the search field, touch the appropriate key to change from alpha characters to numeric characters, and begin to type...1 2 (long delay) 3. That little long delay causes records to be committed, and before the user can type his "3", the keyboard is back to alpha characters. They switch to numeric, try to type, but miss the delay period again. Frustrating.


I want to be able to detect the FileMaker Go keyboard state before triggering an event, and then return the keyboard to that state. I want my Go solution to detect that the user was using the regular keyboard and that he'd switched to the numeric values so I can set that as part of my script.