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Trouble with FM server 13 automatically opening Databases

Question asked by bsiple on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by wimdecorte

Has anyone had an experience like this?. Been running FM server 13.0.1 on a remote Windows 2012 server and that server does a reboot once a week at 1:00 am. So usually after the reboot all the databases would open automatically. But ever since the windows server got a security update (per the IT guy that maintains the server), I  saw that not all the files opened automatically. So looked in the FM server event log and saw that the unopened files had " the file could not be opened because the wrong encryption password was entered". All the databases have an saved encryption password and have been opening automatically just fine. The number and which files seem kind of random that do not open but only one instance they all opened just fine after the reboot . I find it's easiest to open the databases that morning of the reboot by stopping and starting FM server, which will work just fine. Otherwise I seem to have to individually click open each database, open all doesn't work. So thought maybe to do FM server 13 updates or even just going to FM server 14 or 15? Any thoughts would be appreciated.