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    Grand Total Summary


      I have a simple database i made. It has a transaction table and a line item table. On the tranaction form there is a portal to the line items. in the line items i have a number field "gallons" and a Summary filed "total of gallons" i drag on drop this outside the portal record and it shows me the total gallons in all the line items. Perfect!


      now when i run a report for all transaction between a date range i get a list of all the transactions and all the line items...but my grand total is always just the last transaction total...how do i get a grand total of all found records?



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          The summary field should be in your line items table.


          The report should be based on your line items table.


          You can make a subsummary part on the report that is based on the transactions, so that when sorted, the summary field in line items will show the total for that transaction "group"


          Then a trailing grand summary part at the end with the same summary field in it would show to total of all line items on the report.

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            One which table (occurrence) is your report layout based?


            If based on your line item table, you should get the grand total that you want. This field won't give you a grand total on a layout based on transactions.


            Note that you can sort/group your line items on a line items based layout with fields from transactions included in a sub summary part to show the same data as you have on your transactions layout, but with greater flexibility.


            You can also define a calculation field in transactions that uses the sum function to report the total gallons for a given transaction. A summary field in transactions that totals this calculation field would also give you the needed grand total.