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    Two questions asked of FileMaker in relation to DevCON


      I have today asked FileMaker for its views with regards to:


      (1) President Trump's ban on foreigners travelling to the US (irrespective of its legal status it is an issue at immigration), particularly those who are likely to face arbitrary and discriminatory action upon trying to enter the US because of any Arabic or "Muslim" sounding names, and


      (2) the status of the Women at FileMaker sub-group meetings which in previous years have been closed to men.


      With regards to (1) this will have a relevance to any non-US citizens wishing to attend DevCON.


      With regards to (2) this only applies if men are banned from those meetings as was the case a couple of years ago - I wanted to check what the latest position is.   I asked this question a couple of days ago in one of the related discussion threads and have not received any responses to that, so I am asking it again but in a broader context. 


      I cannot speak for the US but in the UK it would be unacceptable to ban men from a business meeting (besides being deeply patronising and offensive, in my opinion, to those men who have strived their entire careers to ensure that women are treated equally in the work place). 


      For those of you who may feel that it is appropriate for women to discriminate against men I will respectfully disagree and do not want enter into a debate about it for the simple reason  that I do not believe that any form of discrimination is debatable.

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          Hello @georgej,


          Thank you for your questions.


          For Question #1, FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple and we subscribe to the ethos put forth from our parent company. Which you can find here http://www.apple.com/diversity/


          For Question #2, Men are welcome at the Women of FileMaker luncheon. There may be a sign up sheet for all attendees of this luncheon so we will have an accurate headcount.


          I hope this has answered your questions.


          Eric Evers

          Customer Support Manager

          FileMaker Inc.

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            Women of FileMaker has been open to men since the very first meeting. I was in attendance. While it is hosted by women I believe it is a celebration of the diversity of FMP developers.

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              Thanks, Eric, for confirming this though it doesn't answer the question about what happens to visitors to DevCON who are turned away at the border.


              In response to chocohalic, no it has not been open to men all the time.  I challenged the organisers a few years ago when men were not allowed to attend.  I wanted to check what the latest position is and I'm delighted that it is open to all, with a focus on women (which I support completely).  I did jump the gun there so my apologies - I should have asked first before assuming it was the same again.

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                Some women prefer to not open to all, as they do not work in the enlightened world with people like you. If you cannot respect those wishes, perhaps the women will not attend?

                No further discussion. Just see it from both sides.


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                  Thaks you Eric Evers


                  I have attended Devcon many times and I have travelled to the USA and to other countries in the world on many many occasions.


                  There is an overriding rule when travelling in another country. Do not offend the people of the country that you are visiting. You are a guest there and you need to respect their laws and procedures. If you can't do that then it is best to avoid going in my view!


                  Whilst in the last years, sadly with the increase in international threats, there has been an inevitable tightening of security. We must all respect the people at the borders that check that and keep us all safe. If that means, as it has to me travelling to other countries than the USA, that I have extra security and extra scrutiny then so  be it.


                  Some colleagues and friends have had long interviews for various reasons on entry to the USA for Devcon and it is an inconvenience for them, but they still travel to Devcon frequently. I do feel strongly that it is not our place to be critical of the agencies or government that decides on the actions that they feel are appropriate. That is solely a matter for the citizens of the USA.


                  All I can say is that no matter what the troubles there are travelling to the USA to Devcon, be it flights, airport security, strikes or any other issue, I have never heard one person say it wasn't worth it.


                  Wish I could be joining you again this year but hopefully next!