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Discussion created by burghfan on Mar 20, 2017
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In our solution we have a "Projects" Table and a "Manufacturers" table.


On the "Projects" table multiple "Manufacturers" can be linked too the project. This is currently done by having multiple fields (id_manufacturer_1, id_manufacturer_2, id_manufacturer_3 and id_manufacturer_4 with Corresponding Table Occurrences where in the first TO the ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_1, in the second TO the ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_2, in the third TO the ID_Manufacturer= id_manufacturer_3 and in the fourth TO the ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_4


Is there a way to show the information from the "Projects" table show up in a portal in the "Manufacturers" table? In other words can I create a "Projects" to "Manufacturer" Table Occurrence where;


ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_1

ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_2

ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_3

ID_Manufacturer = id_manufacturer_4