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Modular FileMaker Browser Navigations Bugs

Question asked by user28271 on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Paul Jansen

Last year I found this:


It is pretty fricken amazing.  Giving what my clients have wanted for years. A back and Forward web browser like navigation to FIleMaker.


I did find it a little buggy so I changed it to navigate by layout No instead of Layout Name.


But I still have issue occasionally when the navigation appears to looses it way, or if the user opens to a new window to compare data between two layouts the second window navigation get out of sync (and for good reason).


Also, if a scripted navigation goes to a layout to prep data before it goes to the displayed layout the back button will take them to a layout they do not want, and I do not want them to see either.


I am curious if anyone on this board has experience with this  product that I could ask some questions.


Or if someone has built, or found, another option to do a similar thing.