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    Tab Order


      Hi everyone me again....


      I have always struggled with FM Tab Orders.  The first issue is not wanting the same tab order for Data Entry and Find.


      For example:


      When created a new PO the first field I want user to select is Job #.  The PO # is a serial and they never need to go to it.

      When in Find Mode the first field user will want is the PO#.


      Is there a trick to having different tab orders based on Mode.


      The next issue is controlling Tab Order for secondary panels.  On the main panel of a PO is are the line.  Slide it over to enter note and other things.   I don't want them to tab into the next panel automatically but if they select that panel I want to have them tab through the fields.


      Comments welcome

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          You have multiple options.


          You can set up script triggers on the fields to run scripts that put the focus into different fields based on current window mode. OnObjectKeystroke is often the best choice as your script can check for the tab, enter, or return key and then change focus while still allowing the user to click outside of the field without causing the cursor to jump to the next field.


          OnModeChange can be used to run a script every time the window enters find mode and can then put the focus on your PO field.


          And you can can set up a global field for finding POs where the user just enters the number and clicks a button to find a PO.

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            Thanks, I will explore that.  Shame it has to so programming intensive. 

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              If you don't want to write scripts, you are using the wrong software. You can set up a layout's fields to have a specific tab order and no scripting is needed. But since the same order is used in both modes you have to either use one layout for Find mode and another for Browse Mode or do at least a little bit if scripting to get the focus into a field different from that specified by the tab order. 

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                well said.

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                  If you uncheck "Browse mode" for "Field entry" in inspector, you never go to the field (PO #) in browse mode.

                  This can't change tab order but can skip fields.

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                    Thanks, I like that option better then scripting triggers on all my fields.

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                      Thanks, I like that option better then scripting triggers on all my fields.

                      A good point, but I never suggested scripting triggers on ALL your fields. Once suggestion doesn't touch the tab order at all and the others would only use script triggers on one or a few fields.