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Footer on last page only

Question asked by cchumi on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by rgordon

Hello everyone


i know this an already answer question but the result is not what I was expecting.


I do a job for a client where he got some long printing report. 2 or 3 or more page Invoices.


I search a way to restrict the footer to be printed only on the last page. I currently partially achieve that by hiding the footer if it's not the last page.

The issue whith that is that I got a blank part a the bottom of each first page. The footer print well on the last page but that blank footer région on first page are ugly.

I hope someone could help me as I think this a common request in all database tool reporting.


I heared a ray Cologan custom calculation to get rid of that but can't find any exemple.


Can someone got a solution for that ?