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Radio button/ Value List/Control Style muted

Question asked by on Mar 21, 2017
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I am new. I am trying to create a Radio Button field with two options. Either Client, OR Vendor.


I have tried creating a field called 'relationship' in the Field Picker Dialogue box. The only options are Text date, time stamp etc. I don't need any of these because I just want one or the other of my field values to be selected. I have set a field value through File Menu, Manage, Value Lists. Created a new value list, called relationship. Double click to set the value. I have selected use values from field. Having made two fields, again, one Vendor and One Client... I selected the first one and then in the second field box, selected the other.

My understanding is that I need to then go to the Inspector, then the data box, to enter the Control setting as Radio button (though I don't know what I will do after that...) but nothing seems to be selected, so everything in the Inspector is muted.


So there are two questions;

1) If I am on the right track, how can I get the inspector to let me into the Control box

2) Where do I go after that to bring it all together?


Many thanks!