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    portal problems


      I am a Filemaker amateur and this is my first question ever, so pardon me if this is silly.


      On a layout for ::Unit, I created a portal to enter photo into a table called ::Image,  I used an Ophan table called ::Image_Unit.   it worked fine!


      On a layout for ::Building I created a similar portal to enter photos on the table ::Images, this time using an orphan table called ::Image_Building


      The portal on ::Building, refuses to work, and the portal in ::Unit it now says  <Unrelated Table>

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          You might need to see which Table Occurrence in the graph that the portal is pointing to.  if you copied and pasted it, it's likely it needs to be updated.  Also the fields might have to be re-pointed to the correct TO.  If before it was Image::Image1 then it would need to be Image_Building::Image1

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            To clarify some nomenclature


            The Base table is the table wherein the fields are defined. It automatically spawns a TABLE OCCURANCE (TO, or TOC) in the relationship graph. You can create multiple TOC's for the same base table


            layout based on Table Occurrence - Unit

            photo table -  Image

            Image_Unit is a CHILD, an orphan generally refers to something broken or data in a subsidiary (child) table that has no parent record


            On the Building layout, if the idea is to create images via the portal for the building, then:

            - the relationship (REL) should be defined as ACRR (allow creation of related records),

            - the (most simple) REL should between the building primary key (building_id) and Image table foreign key ( e.g. source_id) ; this would be the same field in Image table, as is used in the Unit to ImageUnit REL


            So there is a dedicated REL from Building to Image for the purpose of portal and acrr

            and this is separate from the equivalent REL between Unit and Image

            (unless Building is also related to Unit, which it would be in some way, but you haven't indicated that, so simplest scenario being discussed)


            The thing to remember is that the PATH has to be valid between the left and right sides of the REL

            just because the there is a working and valid path from Init to Image, does not (necessarily) mean you can use that from Building, unless it is appropriately related.


            If there were a REL Building-Unit-Image, then that could be leveraged similarly.



            As always there are multiple  ways of achieving most things.

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              After carefully reading both replies, I figured the easiest thing was to rebuild the original portal from scratch, it works well now.

              Therefore, I also decided to build the second portal from scratch rather than copy it and change all the various links (like i did the first few times)

              I am not sure what connection I repeatedly overlooked, but both are working now.

              Thanks for your guidance and saving my sanity in the process:)

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                I've always had limited success copying portals from one to another.  I'm sure others have mastered it - but I find it easier to just make a new one and customize it to that screen.  Unless it's all pointing to the same TO.