Year to date fields based on current year

Discussion created by BERGSTEN on Mar 22, 2017
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On our payroll layout- I'm trying to find a way to have year to date totals propogate based on the current year. Right now they are simple summary fields that total the fields in question. Regular hours, Over time and Flex (aka time off).

My concern is when 2018 comes around, I won't be able to distinguish the totals.


As you can see each pay period is defined by two separate date fields at the top.


I'm wondering what I can do to set the field to pull totals strictly from 2017 records, and then next year, from 2018.


Chances are its gonna be more complicated than I feel it should be, that's how my general experience with formatting simple requests in FMP has gone so far anyways.


Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you.