Filemaker and Multiple Monitors

Discussion created by LucThomaere on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by jormond

I do not understand the behaviour of Filemaker when working with multiple monitors (MacOS).

I put the toolbars on the left monitor, the right one is the main window.

Sometimes after restarting Filemaker, the toolbars are on the position I left them, sometimes a little lower, and sometimes again on the right monitor.

Restarting the computer does have an unpredictable result.


Filemaker also remembers the position of certain dialog boxes. But with two (or maybe more) monitors, he gets confused. As if he knows only one monitor.


is this a MacOS thing, or a Filemaker imperfection? Is there anything that can be done or will Filemaker change this behaviour in the near futur?

It's not a disaster, it is just annoying.