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Suppress Adobe when using containers

Question asked by ndveitch on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by ms.leefsma

Hi There,


Is there a way to suppress Adobe toolbars when viewing PDF's in containers?


I have the Adobe Acrobat DC on my machine because I need to edit PDF's and I have noticed that my containers in FileMaker are now opening with as many toolbars as Adobe can fit into the container. With all the extra rubbish in the container of which I can only hide the side toolbars, the toolbar with print, email, upload to Adobe cloud and Save I can't hide, scrolling the PDF is painfully slow. I changed the container setting to "Images" and that seemed to do the trick, at least now I can view the PDF in the container and not all the Adobe stuff, but surely there should be a way to suppress all the Adobe rubbish that is now showing up in the containers that are set to "PDF".