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    Drop-down colours


      Is it possible to control the colours of the text and background of a field controlled by a drop-down list?

      Basically, if there's already a value in the field, I want that value to be invisible when the user activates the drop-down.  I hoped to do this via the Inspector (white-on-white, or something similar), but that doesn't appear to be an option.  I fear that it's an os-level thing, but any ideas would be most welcome.


      (I know a pop-up wouldn't have this issue, but this is a very long value list, so I need to use a drop-dowen to save filling the screen with the pop-up.)




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          there are some techniques I've played with in the enclosed file, take a look at let me know if they suit

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            Thanks for this, although I'm afraid I didn't explain the problem clearly.


            What I need is to prevent (or hide) the display of the existing value in the field itself when the drop-down is activated (i.e. where the red arrow is in my screenshot).  This is because I'm actually holding the UUID key in this field, and it will confuse users to see it. 


            That said, I really like your technique for eliminating the existing vale from the drop-down - I shall certainly be using that some time, and appreciate you getting back to me.



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              rgordon shared a method with me that I then incorporated into my Adventures in FileMaking #2 - enhanced value selection teaching file.


              First, Hide the drop down list field behind a "name" field that displays the corresponding name or description. This "name" field has to have Browse mode access blocked.


              Then set extremely large left and right padding values on the drop down list field. This keeps the field from actually displaying the ID value even while you select a different value from it's value list.


              In the following file, it's in a "sub topic" labeled "hiding the ID when using Drop Down Lists" and is accessible from

              "Sorting the values in a Field Based List". There's a working example of this method shown there.


              Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection

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                Another option would be to place the ID field on the layout, making it a drop down, but make its width only as wide as the drop down arrow.  This will prevent the data in the field from displaying.  Place the related field with the related data represented by the ID field next to the drop down arrow.  The illusion will be that you are dropping down the related data, but you are actually operating on the ID field.


                A side effect is that the drop down list will appear left justified to the drop down arrow rather than the data field with the related info.

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                  Thanks Phil, that's exactly what I need.  It seems to cause an unwanted screen flicker in Windows, but I think it may be a case of tweaking the amount of padding.  The rest of the article looks very useful too - thanks for sharing.



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                    Thanks - another tool for the bag!