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Switch between iMac and iPad

Question asked by baldewicz on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by baldewicz

Hi All,


I have a database  that is fairly simple in structure.


A user on an iMac enters information into a record and then drops and drags a PDF into a container field.  Due how the pdf is created/stored it is much easier for the user to do this from an iMac (must authenticate with our server).  Once the user is done entering data and the PDF has been inserted I need to capture the users signature.  This is fairly simple to do on an iPad/iPhone.


Is there a way for the user to hand off their current State ( account privileges, Global Variables, current record) to the iPad to capture the signature?  Basically I am looking for a feature similar to Handoff.


I don't need to hand off back to the computer because as soon as the user signs they are done.  Or is there an easy way to capture a users signature on an iMac?  Please note the signature must be a drawn signature. 


We have a mouse/ trackpad/ Wacom tablet that we are able to use.  We would prefer to not use a plugin if possible.


We are currently using FM 15.


Thank you!