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Access to webdirect issues in local network

Discussion created by Rafal Wyszewski on Mar 22, 2017
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I have one issue working with FMMaster and FMWorker.

I have one dedicated domain for my FileMaker Webdirect access from public internet.

When accessing from outside I can direct the users connection using ports on the firewall to one or other server to acces to Webdirect on FMWorker  or filemaker administration console on FMMaster. So here no problem.


But for the users that are on my local network I use on my Windows 2008R2 server a DNS A registry to direct them to the right IP Address (domain name --> IP Addresses of the 2 servers).

And I have issues mainly with iPads and Android Tablets that when I try to reach webdirect site it opens the window on FMMaster server instead of the Worker server. So it doesn't opens webdirect site.


Do you have an experience or idea how to do that allways the Webdirect site will open from LAN using not the IP of the server but the domain name?