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FMS 15.0

Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by bigtom

I renewed my Subscription and downloaded the FMS15 software.  I am not a complete novice.  I have even installed FMS5.5 "back when".  It was straight forward and easily done, and just worked.  I anticipated no less. 


I am stuck on the first screen of the Deployment Assistant.  I put in username and password, hint and a pin.  Following the directions, I clicked on [NEXT] and NOTHING happens.  No error message.  I can edit the data, so I am not frozen.  It just does not advance to the NEXT screen. 

I did double check, and I am designated as an Administrator level. 
Since this is the Developer (limited features) Version, can I contact FileMaker Support?  This limited server, is great not only to expand my knowledge for these features, but to share the files with my AP coworker. 


I am hopeful, I can demonstrate the way I am deploying this will benefit a broader base within the company.