Best way to create a csv file for import into legacy accounting system

Discussion created by meyerge on Mar 22, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


I need to export sales orders into our legacy accounting system. Ultimately, I would like to create a script that will generate the Order data as a csv file that will automatically be sent to accounting, to be imported manually.


There are 22 fields listed on the accounting side system that exist for an order. However, not all the information has to be present in order for the  sales order to be accepted. It is my understanding that the csv file would have to account for those fields that I don't have represented in my tables, by using double commas to represent missing fields. So, the contents of the file would look like: field1,field2,,,field5,,,,field9 etc. Please let me know if that is not the case.


I also need to indicate header fields by using an "H" at the beginning of the field and an "L" to indicate line item fields. Is this something that can be scripted or should I export to Excel and modify the data there?


If it can be scripted I would appreciate any assistance on how to approach the problem.


FMA v.15.2 Database resides on FM server v 15


As always, thank you for your time!