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    Display portal in sub-summary


      I'm fairly new to FMP so not sure if I'm approaching this correctly. Here's a simplified example to show what I'm trying to do.


      With two tables:


      Customers - contains fields: Cust Name, Address, Phone

      Orders - contains fields: Cust Name, Item, Payment Option, Amount


      Tables are linked by 'Cust Name'


      I'd like to create a report showing all orders split by items (e.g. Apple, Orange...) as follows:




      I've been able to create a layout on the Orders table sorted by Item. In this layout I've created a sub-summary by Item that contains just the Item name, and both Total fields. This all works.


      However, to display the Customer name, address and Qty table I've created a second sub-summary split by Item and added a portal showing related records from the Customers table. This only displays the last Customer and address for each item and I'm not sure how to obtain the total number of items per customer (Qty).


      Am I going about this the right way? Thanks in advance.