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Help to correct a simple script

Question asked by akhlaq38 on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by philmodjunk

Please see the script below and suggest mistakes. The purpose is to post entries of 2 fields from a portal table row to an other tables's mentioned fields. Now the fields 1 and 2 are mandatory so a record will be created but field 3 and 4 may have data or empty. If they have data, a second record should be created but if they are empty script should do nothing more.

Following script is working up to line 8 but do nothing if even there is data in field 3.

1 Set variable [$B_1; value: table1::Field1]

2 Set variable [$Q_1; value: table1::Field2]

3 Set variable [$B_2; value: table1::Field3]

4 Set variable [$Q_2; value: table1::Field4]

5 Go to Layout  ["table2" (table2)]

6 New Record / Request

7 Set Field  [Table2::FieldX; $B_1]

8 Set Field  [Table2::FieldY; $Q_1]

9 If [not IsEmpty (Table1::Field3)]

10   New Record /Request

11   Set Field [Table2::FieldX; $B_1]

12   Set Field [Table2::FieldY; $Q_1]

13 EndIf

14 Go to Layout [orignal layout]


If I delete rows 9 and 13 it will create a second record with or without data. Need to fix If statement to put properly.

I am using a button in the portal row to run the script.