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Discussion created by luanaf on Mar 23, 2017
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I created a script using filemaker Base Element to create integration between filemkaerand Brandboom.

In the script I created the various APIs to access elements.
I used Base Element and I declared my variable (Public Key, privatekey, timestamp, signature).
I then created my URL.
I valued header to get a response in JSON.
I performed the API, the results obtained, did the parse and everything worked.

I closed the script, now I have opened and running it instead of my results I get:

<Head> <title> 301 Moved Permanently </ title> </ head>
<Body bgcolor = "white">
<Center> <h1> 301 Moved Permanently </ h1> </ center>
<Hr> <center> nginx / 1.10.0 (Ubuntu) </ center>
</ Body>
</ Html>

If I take the URL and put it on the browser or I run it from terminal (with curl) I get the JSON.
I can not understand what has changed and what to change.