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    Global field and Portal problems


      I am in a layout based on a TO, Members.

      My portal looks like this:

      My portal filter looks like this:

      When I type into the global fields nothing is displayed in the portal.

      What am I missing?

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          First off, don't use special characters as the leading character for field names. It can lead to weird issues, so remove the @ symbol.


          Secondly, make sure the fields in the portal are pointing to the Members 2 table, and not the regular Members table.


          If you remove the filter, do ALL of the records from Members 2 show up? If not, your relationship is invalid. I'm assuming you want a cartesian [ X ] join between the two tables.


          You may also need something that refreshes the portal contents for when you type into the global fields. Try adding a "find" button next to the global fields that is tied to a "refresh window [flush cached join results]" script step.

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            What you have will only show records if you type in the full first or last name and that text fully matches the text in the portal's table.


            If you have someone in the table named "Fred" and you type in "Fre", the record with "Fred" will not appear. At the same time you have to force the portal to refresh before changes that require the portal filter to re-evaluate will cause an update of what you see. Try typing in text and running a script with this one step in it:


            Refresh WIndow [flush cached join results]


            If that causes your portal to update correctly, your portal filter etc. is set up correctly, you just need to get the portal to update. There's a new script step that you can try: Refresh Portal--I haven't had much success with it for this particular issue, but try it and see as it's the simplest option. (give the portal an object name first.)


            What I've used over a number of versions is to set up the portal's relationship like this:


            LayoutTO::GlobalSearchField X PortalTO::anyField


            I can then "goose" the portal's match field to get the portal to refresh:

            Set field [LayoutTO::GlobalSearchField ; LayoutTO::GlobalSearchField ]


            That seems odd as you are setting the field to the value that it already has, but it works.


            If you'd like to look at some working "search portal" examples and compare how they work to yours, see:


            Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


            These examples come with detailed info on how each one was set up and how it works.

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              Thank you Mike.

              It was the relationship; I had failed to put a global key in the TO.