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    BaseElements Plugin


      Hi Guys,


      I wonder if anyone has experience of the base elements plug in. I've been looking at it to send an HTML formatted email with multiple attachments. I can get it to send my email with no attachment. However, I can't seem to attach a temporary file created in filemaker. Anyone have any ideas?


      I have a script to do this:


      Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.09.38.png

      and then my BE_SMTP_Send calculation is as follows:


      BE_SMTP_Send ( "Michael | Tartan Trio <info@tartantrio.com>" ; Bookings::Client Email ; "Email Subject" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "Email HTML Text" ; BE_SMTP_AddAttachment ( $path) )



      Any help?? I'm really quite stuck!

      Thanks in advance!