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    How do I use find with a checkbox?


      I'm new to filemaker, so bear with me. I just need a way to simply check certain records and find them later. I set up a checkbox, but I get "the provided criteria is not valid" error message when I select only that in Find.


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          The checkbox has to be connected to a field. It needs to have a value list item assigned.  If you have that setup properly you can easily use a checkbox for finds.


          How is your checkbox setup?

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            I completely understand your desire to be able to find ad hoc subsets of data. Long ago I decided that it was something my users did so often that I should just always provide a standard method of doing it, so now I build into every single table I create a field called "Tag", of type Number, with validity check set to insist that it have a value from the value list "One", which contains only the value "1". I format it as a checkbox (narrow enuf that the label "1" doesn't even show) and have 2 buttons that will (1) do a "Replace Field Contents" with "1"s on all the "Tag" boxes in the current found set and (2) find all the checked "Tag" boxes, with an option (if a modifier key is held down) to clear them all.


            It sounds as if the situation you're facing is that you may have a mismatch between the field type and the value in your own equivalent of a "Tag" box. FileMaker will look for all Text fields that have something in them by using an "*" as the Find criterion, but it looks for all Number fields that have something in them with a different method, ">0".


            What are the values you've assigned to your check boxes?