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filemaker iOS app connect to square register

Question asked by duffykobe on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by beverly

I have a filemaker file that was converted to an ios app through the ios app sdk filemaker and I was able to set up the app to switch to the square register app on the same ipad when it did a transaction. Everything was working well until I had to update the ios of the ipad from 9 to ios 10. So in order for the filemaker file app to work on ios10 I used the ios app sdk 15 that converts the filemaker file to an app that will work with ios 10 ipads. After doing this the app now is not able to switch to the square register app from the filemaker app. I get an error "No call back url specified". I never had any errors in the earlier version so am wondering if this has to do with the ios app sdk 15 changes or anything else? in my square register account I have specified the bundle id of the filemaker app, and the url scheme which is fmp for filemaker. Since its a native api not a web api I did not have to put a call back url.
and in the xcode settings for the filemaker app I have added the url scheme as fmp and also the bundle id of the app. I have also added in the filemaker app the following code that is sent to square register through the open url function ...

"amount_money": {
"amount": " & $payamt & “,
"callback_url": “fmp",
"currency_code": "USD"
"client_id": "application-id”,
"version": "1.2",
"notes": "" & $reqno & "",
"options": {
"supported_tender_types": [

in the above code previously I never had the call back url added and it worked perfect, but is that something I may need to add now?
and the application id is of course the application id from the square register account's app settings.
also above the version was previously 1.0 which I changed to 1.2 now - and the whole of the code above I converted to percent encoded text while sending it.
Please anyone let me know if you have similar issues.