WebDirect, guest access and MultiFile Solutions

Discussion created by fishtech on Mar 23, 2017
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I'm putting a shopping cart solution online, with guest access, open to all web users.


Server is FM15. The solution includes a Shopping Cart file where users can build the orders and and a related Inventory file.


FileMaker 15 WebDirect Guide states "Create identical accounts, passwords, and privilege sets in each file in a FileMaker WebDirect solution."



To my reading this means that in addition to the Shopping Cart file, I would need to put my Inventory file online with guest access and WebDirect extended proviledges enabled for guest. This does not seem like good practice to me.


The alternative is to keep the whole solution as a single file, importing Inventory to a table in the Shopping Cart file on a regular basis. That seems clunky but more secure.


How are others dealing with this?