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    Filmmaker GO disappears from iPad


      on one of our iPads the Filmmaker Go app just disappears overnight. All seems to work well but in the AM the app and data are gone.

      we have been using the same setup for years (except for new iPads occasionally and updating the app)

      it is really annoying for everything to disappear! At least we keep another current back of the database.

      Any ideas?

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          FileMaker Go 14 and 15 are in the App Store.. Check the version and what iOS system you are running.

          Also do a search on your iPad for FileMaker Go before you assume it is totally gone.



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            You might also plug the iPad into iTunes to see if iTunes can see the files. I had a user report this one time. What we thought happened was during an automatic overnight update, the Filemaker App was deleted. I believe when updates occur, iOS will delete apps if there is not enough memory on the ipad to do the update and then reinstall after the update. Is the iPad in question one that is shared by multiple people?  If yes it is possible somebody deleted the app.

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              OK I checked with the iPad connected to my iMac and couldn't see the files or FileMaker Go.


              Maybe you are correct about IOS deleting apps when there are memory problems. If that is the case, one would think (perhaps erroneously ) that they would delete the ones without data or save the data somewhere for later.


              I'm sure we did not delete it and am going to assume that IOS or something deleted the app.


              I have restored the app and data. It has been fine for several days now. I'll assume all is well and will report back if there are any other like problems that develop.


              Thanks for your suggestions.

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                Everything had been working well for years ....


                No luck in searching for FileMaker Go or it's files.


                See gordon's post below and my reply.


                Thanks for your help.