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Some OS X keyboard shortcuts stopped working

Question asked by justinc on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by davidempson

I'm running OS X 10.11.6.


This isn't completely specific to FileMaker - it's more of an OS X user-account issue; but I figured some folks here might be able to lend a hand since this seems to be functionality that is very often used in FileMaker.  And support from the Apple forums is not useful so far.


I have just recently run into a problem with a number of keybindings that have stopped working in some applications.

Option-Right Arrow = advance to next word

Option-Left Arrow = go back to previous word

Option-7 = pillcrow

Option-return = insert line feed in calculation box

Option-tab = insert tab in a calculation box


I use these shortcuts all the time, and so I am constantly missing them.  This issue started for me about 2 days ago.  It appears to have happened in the middle of the day - I was working all day and don't recall seeing the issue until late in the afternoon.


The problem only appears to be in certain applications:

OK:   Slack, Thunderbird, Terminal (Terminal has it's own special key-binding, though.)

Not working:  Mail (Apple), Firefox, TextEdit and FileMaker are all non-functional in this regard.


Cmd-Right Arrow (move to end of line) and Cmd-Left Arrow (move to start of line) work correctly in all these apps.


Option-Delete (delete one word) doesn't work.  Option-Backspace (backspace one word) does work.


I have rebooted my system (no difference).  I did not perform any system updates.  I do have cats, and they love to step on the keyboard... 


I tested out the Guest account on this laptop and it DOES work correctly there - I have no troubles with 'option-...' keyboard shortcuts in FileMaker or any other applications.  So it would seem to be user specific, something in my system settings.  But then these shortcuts work fine in some applications on my user.


I tried removing the few applications that I have running at login for my user, but that didn't help.


Anyone have any ideas?