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Users can not print pdf from email

Question asked by moodog on Mar 24, 2017
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Building a solution that reports a Activity Report for Customer Equipment every day. I loop thru and build emails and use Script step Send Mail with Attachment. This all works fine.


Some users that get the report are saying that the pdf opens fine but when they print it it never actually prints.. no errors or anything just doesn't print.


Ive tried local in the office on 1 of the windows 7 machines.. can not print to local HP printer but can print to all other office printers. With my testing Only the HP printer is not printing. Brothers and Savin printers print fine. Ive emailed the customers that said that they could not print asking there printer brand, Acrobat version etc... but not heard back yet.


Any one experience this?


I tried running the solution to generate pdf's from Mac and Windows, still same problem.