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Question asked by dbice on Mar 23, 2017
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To preface this, I am a research analyst that was thrown into using FileMaker without any prior knowledge of the software or development experience in general. My team originally used FM for simple data entry, but now they would like to use FM Go for data collection on the field.

I am trying to recreate our assessments on FM and having a bit of trouble. There are two things I would like to do:



1. There is one assessment question that asks the participant to select specific shapes out of an assortment of about 30 images. There are several correct answers. The participant receives points for choosing each correct image, but also receives points for NOT choosing the incorrect images. My thought is to put buttons on each image, but I have no idea how to even begin writing a script for these buttons. Thoughts?


2. With some assessments, we have implemented stop criteria so that if the participant gets a certain number of items incorrect, we stop the assessment and move on. For instance, if a child gets two consecutive scores of 0, we are supposed to stop the assessment. I would like to be able to notify the experimenter when stop criteria has been met. Any ideas?