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    Server 15 Admin Console Problem


      My Admin Console will show connections even though all clients have closed Filemaker. Another person has to re-Start the server to clear the names.  The files are accessible and work but it shouldn't be this way.  Sometimes FileMaker Server quits abnormally.  What should I be looking for to solve the problem? 

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          The event logs, both FMS and the OS for starters.  Try to see what is going on.  FMS should not quit like this so I would suspect that something is very wrong with the deployment.


          What OS is this?  What version of 15?

          What hardware?


          In the FMS admin console, if the statistics logging is not turned on (it's off by default - on the logging tab of 'database server') then turn it on; it will give valuable information on any bottlenecks that FMS is running into.