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    Help with snapshot link


      Snapshot link is a feature that until now I have never used.  Now I have a need.  I would like to create a Snapshot Link on an iPad and then have another file open the Snapshot Link through a script.  The snapshot link will have a fixed name.  What is the best way to open a Snapshot link with a script?  Thank you any assistance.

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          You could have a script that saves a Snapshot Link to a Container field. The other person could click a button to open the Snapshot link using Export Field Contents. Attached is a simple example. You'll probably need to modify this example to meet the needs of the feature you are trying to create but this should be a good base.

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            Jaymo, U Da Man.  Exactly what I wanted.   I have an idea I want to test out on FMGO to help prevent file corruption and closing files properly and to allow users to quickly resume where they left off. The opening of the Snapshot was one step that I wasn't sure about.

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              You are most welcome, my friend. And, thanks previously for the information on FileMaker Go! I figure if we all help each other then we will all be better off. Happy FileMaking!