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Portal - select only certain items with certain status

Question asked by rogsve on Mar 24, 2017
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I wonder if anyone can help me with the design of relations and portal.


I have a table with [staff], and another table with [phones] (IMEInumber).


The staff can have more than one phone at same time, but one phone can only have one staff.


The phones can have different status, eg:
"Free phone for lending" = available for only one staff for lending
"Already loaned phone" = Not available to more than one staff for lending
"Repair" = Not available to more than one staff for lending, but will still remain registered on the staff who had the phone from the beginning


The upper part of the screen should contain staff data such as name, etc. and underneath a portal where I can see and only choose and add phones from the status of "Free phone for lending".


When then in the portal chosen a "Free phone for lending" to the staff, the table should automatically be changed the status to "already loaned the phone" and then not be available to any other staff to lend.


Would you then add a phone to status "Idle telephone for lending" again, you do it via a button located to the right on each row of the portal.


The big question is how to make the relations and portal in this case?


Thanks in advance for your help!   ;-)


Roger Svensson