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    How to make a questionnaire form from selection boxes or option boxes


      I'm working on a advertising system in which I have a form with different fields of questions for each type of problem reported by my clients. Since there are 19 areas of practice and more than 10 questions per area, the form would be very large and almost no one would fill it. I'd like to know how I could relate each group of questions in a given area to a checkbox, making questions appear only on the form if they were selected in the check box. Is there any function for this? How to relate the checkbox to the questionnaire knowing that you can choose from 1 to 19 areas of action at the same time?

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          The key is to set up a data model that works for Surveys and which also supports your chosen response formats.




          You only need surveys if you plan on having more than one survey. But you need one record for each question, one record for each response to a question and one record for each person taking the survey. Responses serves as a Join table between respondents and questions as well as recording each person's response to a given question.


          Other supporting tables may also be needed, but that's a starting point for what you need.

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