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    Add portal record


      I have two portal in a Database and would like to add a button when pressed it will prompt me to add info for that portal......I would like to know what to do, instead of scrolling to the bottom and selecting the last line.....could I make it so a different screen appears and whatever info i add goes to the portal in the database where  I was?

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          While you could use a "different screen", a popover would be easier to set up. Put global fields in the popover for input and a button in the popover can "save" the input by creating a new portal record and transferring the data from the globals to corresponding fields in the portal's table.


          You can web search "MagicKey" for a way to add records to a related table without having to change layouts, open a new window or use go to portal row.


          But you can also put a one row filtered portal just above your current portal to simply add new records.


          With this filter:

          isempty ( portalTO::foreignKey )

          only the blank "add" row will show in this portal.

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