Remove items from Dynamic Value List by Field Value

Discussion created by tleitzke on Mar 24, 2017
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I have an inventory, and not all the products are sold by all distributors. I have a dynamic value list that does a simple grab all items that are of the selected category. Not, I want to add a second condition to ignore any that are not sold by the selected distributor. Since not all our distributors use unique ID items for all their products (yeah, honestly not fun), I had made a second field in the products for just a checkbox's of all the distributors (created by a dynamic value list). I tried making a relationship connection of 'distributor(invoice) = availability(product)' to try and ignore any where they do not match- however, it just showed all of them. Then I tried using the 'not equal' symbol, but that obviously made nothing show(I tried all the symbols).



My structure for invoices work in 3 tables of Invoice->Invoice Part->Product.
Invoice is the main holster of the currently working on order.

Invoice Part is all the items on the order.

Product is just a general list of all products (which is copied over to invoice part when item is selected).